AIDS activists, documentary The Fire Within, youth HIV/AIDS education-educators-Bob Bowers-long-term AIDS survivors-San Francisco, California & United States
Youth HIV/AIDS education prevention by AIDS activist & long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers aka Da Pirate-San Francisco, California-United States
Youth HIV/AIDS education by long-term AIDS survivor & AIDS activist Bob Bowers aka Da Pirate-San Francisco Bay Area-United States

AIDS activist Bob Bowers (heterosexuals) One Tough Pirate Productions HIV/AIDS documentary/documentaries The Fire Within on DVD San Francisco, California education prevention awareness survivors of AIDS


San Francisco California AIDS activist Bob Bowers-AIDS/HIV awareness, education, prevention, activism, advocacy by Bob Bowers One Tough Pirate

San Francisco AIDS activists, long-term HIV/AIDS survivors & One Tough Pirate Productions Youth HIV/AIDS education-United States-Live to tell the tale!

"If there were such a thing as a force of destiny in our lives, I would say that Bob Bowers was born for this role; no one has carried this difficult mantle with more dignity, conviction, purpose, and compassion."

 ~Madeleine Schwab
Cross Roads High School
Santa Monica, California

Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers - advocacy awareness prevention in San Francisco Bay Area and United States

AIDS activist, Youth HIV/AIDS educator and long-term HIV/AIDS survivor - Bob Bowers'



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AIDS activists Bob Bowers - Harley Davidson, The Black Pearl

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my personal website! However you got here, I'm thankful you did. I sincerely hope that you enjoy browsing through the site.

OTP has been in existence for fourteen years now. This site is a testament to hope, survival and the power of compassion in the FIGHT against AIDS. It also pays homage to the over 36 million of our courageous brothers and sisters who were taken from us far too early in life. I've lost dozens of dear friends to the disease and I do my very best to honor their lives and courage. I miss them a lot!

I have survived living with HIV/AIDS for three decades now and have dedicated my life to educating and empowering youth and adults about this dreadful scourge we call AIDS.

I am honored to wear multiple hats in the FIGHT. Throughout these many years of being a long-term survivor of AIDS, an AIDS activist, and through my advocacy as a youth HIV/AIDS educator, I have had the honor to speak to countless thousands of students and adults. As a result, my life has been enriched in a deeply profound manner. Thank you!

Without a doubt, education and awareness remain our greatest weapons in helping to stop the spread of HIV. The goal of my outreach: to fight stigma, slow the spread of HIV and STIs, raise awareness, educate people about the 33-year toll of AIDS on our planet, and most importantly - to invoke compassion, hope, and affirmative change on our planet.

Without a doubt, I did not get here alone, and I sincerely believe it is my God-given responsibility to give back that which I've been so freely given! I extend my heartfelt thanks to those individuals who have blessed my wondrous journey in life - past and present. Your involvement in my life, as well as your words of love and encouragement, are forever embedded in my heart, carried with me on my mission, and can be found on the many pages throughout this website!

Bob Bowers
Aka - da One Tough Pirate

Da Pirate-AIDS Activists and youth HIV/AIDS educators

Compassion is our cure! ®



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One Tough Pirate Production, Inc. is extremely honored and proud to partner with Skinny Bitch's Cookie Company in spreading awareness and education of HIV/AIDS. Stay-tuned for more and how to get your hands on one of these delicious OTP Skinny Bitch's!

Just released from UNAIDS, HIV is the leading cause of death and disease in women of reproductive age!


Skinny Bitch's Cookie Company cookies One Tough Pirate HIV AIDS education awareness San Francisco California CA #ENDaids!




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One Tough Pirate Bob Bowers Harley Davidson The Black Pearl & Dab the AIDS Bear National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco, California Golden Gate Park

One Tough Pirate and Dab The AIDS Bear paying their 1st visit aboard The Black Pearl
 to the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco, California



Preventing HIV is goal of North Bend graduate


After speaking to the students at North Bend High School Tuesday, Bob Bowers poses for photographs in the gym. Bowers, a 1981 graduate from the school, has been living with HIV for more than 30 years and travels around speaking to raise awareness of the disease.

Photo by Lou Sennick, The World Oct. 22, 2013

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Do you have a friend who is an actual hero? I do! Meet my friend, Bob! In the 80's, he was livin life and having fun. One mishap changed his life! BUT, what he did was AMAZING! After swallowing his diagnosis, he STOOD UP and pretty much said, "screw you"! For over 30 yrs he has tried to educate and break the stigma of HIV/AIDS. To look at this hunk of a tattooed man, to see his contagious smile and actually see inside him, I'm pretty sure his heart is made of gold! Take a few minutes to read this. And check out his website. The youth HIV/AIDS awareness poster's themselves will bring hope to your heart! I love you, Bob!

~ Katie



Bob Bowers youth hiv aids education awareness in north bend high school in oregon

By Lou Sennick, The World Oct. 22, 2013 Bob Bowers arrives inside the gym at North Bend High School on his motorcycle that he travels around the country on. Bowers, a 1981 graduate from the school, travels to raise awareness of living with HIV. He has been living with it for more than 30 years





youth HIV/AIDS awareness posters contest on Twitter, "What if it Were You?"



Hey Bob,

Your connection happens with so many kids as you make it REAL while you speak your truth and tell your story with words they hear. You are truly an old soul with much wisdom and a big heart! Thanks for doing what you do and making it electric!

~ Andrea




Compassion is our cure! ~ Bob Bowers HIVictorious, Inc. One Tough Pirate Productions -San Francisco, California-United States

A song called "Bob"
Bob Bowers - youth HIV/AIDS educator and activist
I never grew up
I just kinda' got older
And fossilled in my ways
Like some jaded rolled out stoner
Often lost outside the frame-up
Of this battered ill reflection
God.. Give me strength to kill the seed
That chokes this weed of insurrection

I may never fully realize the error of the ways
By which I justified the freedom
That had bound me to this place.. But..

..Ah ah ah..
..Oh oh oh..
..My Day Will Come!

So I take a hit upon the mask
That laughs back at it's measure
At the smell of rot..
This bleeding clot..
And gums.. Sunk like a treasure!

..Still I smile..
..Because I know..
..My Day Will Come!

I may be draggin' one bum leg
Or livin' deep within the shanty
'Mong the Pirates and the Peaches..
N' my friend Freddy in his panties!
But I'll rise to my unmaking
Midst the Quakers and the Nuns
And I will Fight this scourge of AIDS
.. Until the day that I'm forgotten..

..Ah ah ah..
..Oh oh oh..
My Day Will Come!

Yes.. I'll rise to my unmaking
With a swiveling hip replacement
Take a bow, and tear a page
Out of the burning books they're bakin'

Yeah.. I smile..
Because I know..
My Day Will Come!

By: Roberto Angelis

A song called, Bob. Music and video by Roberto Angelis

Much love to you from the Teen AIDS Task Force peer educators and coordinator in Northern NY... It's nice to be reminded that there are other "HIV Warriors" out there fighting the fight with us - even if we don't see them...

Peace and Love,
~ Ang



Photo of AIDS activist Bob Bowers (heterosexuals)- San Francisco, California - One Tough Pirate long-term survivor - I am more than HIV and AIDS

Photo of AIDS activist Bob Bowers - San Francisco, California



Today I am thankful for my friend Bob Bowers. I had been looking at films for my AIDS class and had come across a documentary about his life. A week later I was working at AIDS Walk Wisconsin and looked up to find him at my window. He visited that semester for a screening of the film and presentation. Living with HIV/AIDS for 30 years, he has been through so much but has given so much more. He has spent much of his life with HIV working to educate young people, sometimes at the expense of his own health. He is affectionately known as One Tough Pirate and is a wonderful advocate. He also inspires me to keep working to educate about HIV/AIDS no matter how discouraging it can be.

~ Jennifer Peterson
Assistant Professor at Mount Mary University



33 years of HIV AIDS #ENDaids hashtag ENDaids San Francisco California One Tough Pirate logo chalk

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HIV/AIDS turns 33 years on June 5, 2014. The END of AIDS can't come soon enough!




I can truly say when I read Your page it gives me Hope, And makes me feel great knowing that there is a HERO named Bob Bowers out there fighting for everyone...God Bless You Bob

~ Fred



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youth hiv/aids prevention comprehensive sex education in schools, colleges, jails and universities in San Francisco, California and the United States-Bob Bowers


youth hiv aids education prevention North Bend High School in Oregon


Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers during his presentation with students at North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon



  Heartfelt thanks to The World Newspaper, KDOCK Radio, and KEZI TV in North Bend, Oregon for providing amazing coverage of Bob's Ribbon Warrior MC Pacific Northwest Tour! Knowledge and awareness are priceless! CURE HIV! END AIDS! #ENDaids!



one tough pirate dave yando alameda california ribbon warrior mc

One Tough Pirate and long-time Facebook friend, Dave Yando, in Alameda, California
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"We, at Uddeshya would like to tell Bob Bowers that we salute real heroes like him! Fighting HIV and surviving with it for the past 31years - inspiring millions everyday with his approach towards life that is full of positivity! All our friends back home who have interacted with you over Facebook have told us that they felt amazing to talk to you! And like I already told you - you were one of the sources of inspiration that motivated us all to work! We make sure that we show your documentary - The Fire Within
~ Siddharth



Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers' complete YouTube of talk at North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon


youth hiv/aids educator Bob Bowers and Senator Tammy Baldwin

Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers and Senator Tammy Baldwin



"Bob Bowers is a passionate activist and educator. As someone who has lived with AIDS for over 30 years, Bob is not just a survivor. He works passionately to fight complacency and improve the lives of those around him. His commitment to teaching young people about the importance of healthy choices in their lives, and his advocacy of quality health care for those living with AIDS, are just two examples of his numerous good works."
-- United States Senator Tammy Baldwin



youth hiv aids education prevention North Bend High School in Oregon


Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers & Dab The AIDS Bear with students at North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon




Here are a few wonderful resources to learn more about HIV/AIDS and
to get involved towards finding a cure for HIV!

  HCV Advocate Logo Hepatitis C advocacy resources information help  
aids dot gov logo hiv aids united states comprehensive resource

Rise Up To HIV logo - TEAM NO SHAME about HIV/AIDS!

One Heartland logo Camp Heartland for children living or affected by HIV AIDS
  the body dot com logo HIV AIDS complete resource question about HIV/AIDS treatments forums etc.  

shawn decker and gwenn barringer HIV AIDS education




Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers with Powers, Oregon classmate
and school teacher, Sam Stevens



An abundance of gratitude to Powers High School and Powers Elementary School in Oregon for having us present to the 3rd graders and high school student body on HIV/AIDS education and awareness! Dab The AIDS Bear and I look forward to future visits!




STORY 'Bob Bowers'
By Ben Cohen

Bob Bowers stands at the front of a room full of college students. Every eye is fixed on his enormous arms, trying to read them. His body is covered in dozens of tattoos. Flaming skulls and spider webs twist around his wrists, up to his shoulders and across his chest. There are too many to count. His friends call him "Pirate."

The ink on his body was injected with a small needle that moves up and down at a rate of several hundred vibrations per minute. It penetrates the skin only by one millimeter but can leave grown men in tears.

It only takes one look to know Bob has felt some pain in his life. His tattoos tell a story. Somewhere in the living mural is a beginning and an end. Bob goes back to the parlor year after year adding to his body new cryptic images.

"I shared a needle with my girlfriend one time," Bob said. In 1983 Bob and his girlfriend wanted to get high and so they shot up some crystal meth. It changed Bob's life forever. Two years later he was diagnosed with the AIDS virus.

One more tattoo means one more year of survival. He celebrated 20 years with a tattoo of a blue bird. AIDS is trying to kill him but Bob is fighting back. I don't want sympathy and I don't want people to perceive me as a victim, he said.

Bob will do anything to survive the disease. He lives one day, one dose at a time. Drugs have turned his automatic death sentence into a painful but manageable disease. He estimates that his prescriptions cost about $3,000 per month.

"I'm a walking testament to modern medicine," Bob said. He opened a medicine bottle and poured a heap of pills into his hand-the "morning dose." He tried to pop the handful into his mouth all at once but couldn't do it, there were too many.

He passed around a hypodermic needle for everyone in the classroom to see. The needle is more than an inch long. His body stopped producing testosterone a long time ago so he will inject some of the hormone into his thigh. "That's a lot of meat to go through!" he jokes.

He has a big smile on his face. To him, this all feels like a miracle. The drugs keep him alive.

Years ago he was being injected with mice cells just to experiment for potential treatments. Some of the drugs he was once prescribed made him so sick he couldn't eat a house salad without vomiting.

In 1989 he started what was known as "monotherapy," or AZT. It was the first drug approved for the treatment of HIV. The drug stops the virus from spreading to new cells but does nothing for cells already infected. To Bob the medication is like a Band-Aid over a gaping wound. "There is a multitude of ways they attack it but they're just slowing it down," he said.

Bob used monotherapy for seven years until the FDA approved new drugs called protease inhibitors in 1995. Bob started taking the combination therapy, also known as the "cocktail." According to the Center for AIDS Information and Advocacy, combination therapy "radically altered the course of HIV disease."

But the cocktail made Bob feel sicker than ever. He began to wonder what chemotherapy must feel like. "They wear on your body and your mind. Then try going to work, shitting yourself, vomiting yourself." The side effects of the medications got worse. He stood in his shower for hours vomiting everyday.

"We kept hope for a new drug." One pill made him numb from his mouth to his belly, like a shot of Novocain from the dentist's office. One pill put him in a wheelchair. He didn't care about the side effects; Bob was surviving to see tomorrow.

He kept score as the "cocktail" had a great impact on the AIDS community. Deaths attributed to the disease dropped drastically wherever combination treatment was available. In 1997, for the first time since 1990, AIDS dropped from 8th to 14th place as a leading cause for death in the United States, according to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 1999 the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced they had finally traced the origin of AIDS to a group of subspecies of chimpanzees in Africa. Bob had been living with the disease for 16 years already.

Bob can look back and remember everything that has happened. He can remember his friends dying. He can remember all his girlfriends and his 11-year marriage. While living with AIDS, Bob owned a gym in Los Angeles and he can remember that, too. He looks back and thinks about his mother dying of breast cancer when she was 35 years old.

"I never thought I would see 35, no way," he said. Bob is now 43. "It's a miracle." Most of all, his dreams have kept Bob going. "Every dream I ever had even before I had AIDS has come true," he said.

When Bob was 21 years old he went to the doctor. He thought he had simply been partying too much. Swollen glands, fever and fatigue called for a blood test and the results came soon after.

That was how it all started: the treatments, medications, blood tests and injections. The insults, anger and confusion, they all started, too. In 1985, the only thing spreading faster than AIDS were the misconceptions about the virus.

HIV and AIDS were called "gay diseases" and people believed they could be spread from sharing water fountains or kissing. Bob was afraid to share a soda with anyone. Some of the doctors refused to enter the room because they were afraid. Other doctors wore protective gloves and masks just to talk to Bob.

"People have no clue as to the passion, the anger I have that today we know exactly how AIDS is spread," he said. Bob is on an endless pursuit to spread awareness about the disease.

He started fighting AIDS in his body. Now he is fighting it from spreading to other people. He is fighting at home, at elementary schools, rehab centers, prisons and even in the nation's capitol. He flew to Washington D.C. to lobby for cheaper drug prices because people with AIDS are dying on waiting lists in the United States. Bob is fighting to live and he is fighting for everyone.

"People really get it when you tell it real," he said. "I try to put into context what it is like to live with HIV and AIDS." To Bob, spreading the truth about HIV and AIDS is as important as finding a cure. "If you think about the homophobia, the job discrimination, the ignorance involved. Throw in compassion and everything changes," he said.

Bob is living proof that the human spirit can survive against all odds. "I don't have to tell you that we all have our own shit to deal with, mine just happens to be AIDS," he said.

People ask Bob how he got here and he tells them it is a combination of everything. Its more than just the drugs, they are far from a cure; more than his friends, many of them have died; more than just his tough childhood, he is a grown man now. "None of those things slowed me down and I'm not about to let HIV/AIDS slow me down," he said.

You can read more about Bob A.ka. Da Pirate and view more news and stories here

The Black Pearl Harley Davidson Motorcycles HIV/AIDS education for youth

The Black Pearl Harley Davidson!
Check out more of Bob's Harley photos



Heterosexuals living with AIDS-HIV positive speaker in schools, colleges, jails and universities-San Francisco, California & United States

HIV positive speaker and youth HIV/AIDS educator San Francisco, California and the
United States
Bob Bowers-aka Da Pirate




youth HIV AIDS education in schools by Bob Bowers


Dear Friends:

There are no words to describe the impact that Bob Bowers has had on my students and me. He is a very courageous man with an extremely powerful life or death message. I have invited him to come and talk to our freshman class for the past two years and will continue to have him back in the future. I could easily go on and on about the importance of having a person of his caliber come and talk to your school or group, however I feel hearing it from the students makes it more relevant. After his presentation, the students are asked to write a reflection on what they thought of Bob’s message.
Here is what some of them said:

Bob was an amazing speaker. He is doing one of the greatest things possible. He is sharing a story to help fight a pandemic. He made me not only realize to be a fighter for my own battles, but to use my own struggles and experiences to help others.”

His story not only informed me on what the effects of HIV/AIDS can do to a person physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. His speech was enlightening and it showed me the importance of keeping the quality of life as high as possible in addition to informing me about HIV/AIDS and other STIs.”

I was very inspired by Bob Bowers and what he has gone through. I thought he was a great speaker and really connected on every human level. He was not just giving facts but really how it changes
One Tough Pirate Productions San Francisco California-AIDS activists, youth HIV/AIDS education, advocacy, long-term survivor-Bob Bowers every aspect of your life when you get HIV. “

He wasn’t just informative, he was real. He was very straightforward with the information and his problem. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. It was refreshing that he didn’t try to hide his emotions in front of the group. This was probably one of the best presentations I have seen.”

As you can tell from the statements above, Bob has left lasting impressions on my students. He has multiplied the value of our unit on HIV/AIDS by sharing his personal experiences in a way that reaches each and EVERY student. As Bob states, he is a man with a gift to share, and it is my hope that all people will continue to allow Bob to share his gift. It is with great respect and honor that I recommend Bob Bowers as one of the top educators for HIV/AIDS.


Mekel Wiederholt Meier
Edgewood High School
Madison, Wisconsin



youth HIV AIDS education awareness North Bend High School - Oregon


Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers after speaking with students at North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon



Another AMAZING picture of my friend bringing his experience, strength and hope to what appears as a very attentive classroom full of youth. They will never forget the day they met the "Pirate" and the day they received information that can protect themselves and others against STDs & HIV. Friend, you are a teacher of life.

~ Brett



Long-term HIV/AIDS survivors Rebekka Armstrong and Bob Bowers in Alsea, Oregon


Pirattitude n' gratitude! That's how we roll...


Bob, there are very few people I admire but you are one of them. Continue your good work and NEVER SURRENDER! AAAAARRRGH!!!!!

~ Pete

That's right Bob give illness the finger cause it ain't gunna keep an ass kicker like you down! Be strong bro!

~ Rob


Our friend Bob Bowers is doing a LOT to spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS! He's a friend to the community and a friend to MATC. Please do your part to help his endless efforts and show your support for such a strong and inspiring individual!

~ Clare
HIV positive speaker Bob Bowers - Long-term AIDS Survivor

Thanks so much for doing what you do. VERY important. I think many people feel they don't know anyone who has HIV/AIDS. I'm guessing many people actually DO know someone affected by it... they just don't know that they know someone. People are so scared still that it's not typically talked about openly. It needs to be talked about. I have a friend who's been living with AIDS for over a decade now. He'll tell anyone who asks, he doesn't lie about it, but he doesn't necessarily advertise it either. Too much stigma, too much at risk for him to lose. Things must change. Thank you so much for your site and for doing what you do. It's so important to educate the public. You're awesome!

Best wishes to you,


Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States

people living with HIV/AIDS-HIV positive speakers-AIDS activist Bob Bowers aka One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California-educational speakers



Dear Bob,

Some people think that a hero is someone like a firefighter, soldier or a sports star. Someone who is brave,  honest and invincible. After listening to you speak the other day, I would say the true hero is you. You are  brave because you can say what you feel and express your emotions in front of 100's of people. Living with AIDS for 23 years makes you invincible and for that, I give you my utmost respect and thanks. I never thought that someone could change my outlook of life in just one hour. Out of all the lectures and speeches I've listened to in my life, yours was by far the best. You give people a glimpse into the real world of a person living with AIDS and you definitely got through to us. You break the stereotypical image of a person with AIDS. You didn't want to tell us what to do, which made us instantly like you. Someone who has the ability to make a group of people laugh, cry, and think, has an amazing talent. I wish I knew the words to say how much I appreciate you coming to to speak. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey through life. If I could achieve just a fraction of what you have done in my life, I could die happy. But for now, we both know who the hero is.

Bailey S.


If you have not witnessed the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands, RUN THERE NOW! Couldn't ask for a better view of the ocean and the San Francisco Bay Area! I spent a good part of my World AIDS Day here honoring my friends, and reflecting on the many years that have passed with yet no cure or vaccine. I still miss them terribly, and I pray for a cure daily! This is the 25th year of World AIDS Day and the 32nd year of HIV/AIDS! CURE HIV & END AIDS!
RIP, Angels! You will never be forgotten!



Yo keep up the great work
wish u the best. you are a huge force almost unreal and inspire all those people that need help. u need to be recognized more worldwide if possible. with more people like you the world would be better place-cya

~ Amyr
Bob, I was just on your website and I must say I loved it. You are a real inspiration to people with or with out HIV/AIDS. I commend you for all you do.

~ Liz





One Tough Pirate speaking at the Orpheum Theatre


Youth HIV/AIDS educator, Bob Bowers, speaking at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin

Thank you. You have done an amazing job of of turning lemons into lemonade. U have taken ur mistakes and misfortune and accepted it and used your experiences to educate our generation to ensure that we r not faced with the same difficulties that u did. So I just wanted to say thank you. U gave an engaging and informational life lesson that I will never forget.

~ Emiliano



Anonymous and One Tough Pirate at the 2014 How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, California. Great times and music!



All I can say is WOW!! You have definitely impressed me. I know the world needs more compassionate people like yourself. There is a quote from a spiritual leader Moses Brings Plenty of the Lakota Nation. "This world is filled humans, but there are only a handful of human beings." You are truly a human being.

~ Jeffrey



Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-One Tough Pirate Productions San Francisco Californi-United States


For screening/educational sales inquiries or to purchase the documentary film on long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers:

Please contact August Moon Entertainment or use the PayPal links shown below -

Individual Home Use
$19.95 plus shipping and handling
Educational Use - Libraries, schools,
and work places
$200.00 plus shipping and handling
Educational Use - Non Profits
$85.00 plus shipping and handling

"As a six time AIDS Rider and Crew, nothing struck this personal beyond the ride experience…Bob captured that, shared his pain and anguish and all I could do is go in a corner and cry and reminisce. He brought me to a place that I didn’t want to go again, challenged my sense of worth and made me want to do this all over again. He made me reach out to other Brothers and Sisters, daring them to ride again...The DVD takes you through some tense moments but you have to endure those valley experiences to appreciate the mountaintop. While he pumped his body and pushed his limits, we were there with him, cheering, crying and aching along those routes. A true inspiration…To Bob—I salute you. Your soon to be “Black Soul” Brother in the cause of this mission."

~ Mike McKinney
News Anchor-NBC 15
Madison, Wisconsin



Premiered June 6, 2010 & ran for 2years- THANKS again to the Documentary Channel for airing The Fire Within!

  Thanks to A&U Magazine!
Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States
The Fire Within Documentary featuring Bob Bowers HIV AIDS long-term survivor

Some more reviews of the documentary film The Fire Within:

This is a powerful, eye-opening look at real people stepping up to the challenge that life has dealt them. AIDS has not disappeared from society and Bob tells it like it is. Bob is amazing, tough and a powerhouse. Shawn is an true supporter of this struggle and a strong companion. Interesting that this is rated unsuitable for children under 14 because I think you will find that our children are a lot more experimental than we might believe. Our children, as well as adults, need to view this. It is a wake up call and a celebration of a journey. Inspiring and humbling.
My husband and I watched 'The Fire Within' last night. It was so powerful and heartfelt. You are an amazing spirit Bob. You are a brave 'WARRIOR' and you put up a good fight against HIV/AIDS. I hope you are doing well today! It's a day at a time. I thank you for the work you are doing and the hope you instill.

Peace, Good Health and Many, Many Blessings friend,
~ Nancy ~
  Heartwarming. Really insightful as to what it's like living with HIV. Teaches the truths about the disease; worth watching and will give you something to think about. Everyone can learn something from this.


Documentary Channel video interview with, Leanne Whitney, Director of the
HIV/AIDS documentary, The Fire Within featuring AIDS survivor, Bob Bowers

What an appropriate title!! It is your passion and drive that keep you going!!! With all the terrible news happening daily, it is so uplifting to see a video like this!! And I am still crying!! You are an inspiration!! You will survive, you are soooo needed!!

God Bless You!!
~ Alice
Bob, I watched your documentary
I just want you to know that YOU inspired me!! =)=)

~ Angela
2002 TV-14 62 minutes
This documentary from August Moon follows the efforts of Shawn Bowers to find common ground with, and show her deep love for husband Bob who is living with HIV/AIDS. Stricken before they met due to a one-time decision to share a needle with someone who, unbeknownst to him, was carrying the virus, Bob struggles to embrace life every day -- a journey Shawn tries to replicate by taking on a grueling 575-mile bike ride over 5 days.
Cast: Bob Bowers, Shawn Bowers
Director: Leanne Whitney
Genre: Documentary/Documentaries
Format: DVD

HIV AIDS documentaries films-documentary on long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers- The Fire Within by Leanne Whitney Rent it on DVD NetFlix



Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States
Bob Bowers' presentation on HIV/AIDS at
North Bend High School featured on KEZI 9 News
in North Bend, Oregon

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HIV/AIDS at 30 years


From The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation:
"AIDS at 30: The U.S. Epidemic" chronicles the thirty years since the first cases of a rare pneumonia found in young gay men were reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. This four minute video highlights landmarks in the history of AIDS from the discovery of the AIDS virus and the banning of Ryan White from attending school to the early twenty-first century when the CDC recommends HIV testing for virtually every American.




AIDS activists, Bob Bowers and friends, carrying the ACT UP banner and
demonstrating in front of the White House

What Makes an Activist?
By Jeromy Dunn

Over the past several years, the word ‘activist’ has been used in a disparaging light. Being labeled an activist as of late, brings with it some negative under tones that makes one think that being an activist is ‘bad thing’.

If it weren’t for activists, women may not have the right to vote, segregation would still be law of the land, or the United States could still be under British rule.

I am an activist. I am proud to call myself an activist. I am a gay rights activist, cause I believe so strongly that everyone in the United States has the unalienable right to be treated equally and with out prejudice under the law. I am an HIV/AIDS activist, because living with this disease carries with it a stigma that can sometimes be so damaging that I waited years to be tested; I was simply too afraid of how people would have treated me if I tested positive.

One Tough Pirate Bob Bowers Poz Magazine Cover May 2006Well I did test positive, and thankfully, for the most part I have been treated well by most people. This isn’t to say there are not people out there who think that my having HIV is my punishment for being gay.

I speak out, simply because there are those who are living with HIV/AIDS who can’t speak out for themselves. I speak out because I believe that just because I am living with this virus doesn’t mean that I can’t make a difference, it’s because I know I can make a difference.

If I am able to get just one person to see me as a person first and HIV second, then I have done my job.

Activism comes in all shapes, styles and people. I am proud to be an activist, and I gladly accept that label.

I want to thank a couple of people, who have inspired my activism:

Bob Bowers, aka One Tough Pirate founder of, for not only fighting this fight against AIDS but for encouraging me to do my part to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS to educate people on the facts of AIDS, and mostly I am proud to call him my friend.

Peter Staley, founder of, for creating a space that allowed me to fuel my fire to fight AIDS, who was there at the beginning when I found out I was positive. He showed me that I have many more years left to fight on, and make some change in this world. I am also very proud to call him my friend with the deepest admiration.

I will gladly stand with you both, arm in arm, and continue this fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Hi Bob...

You are always in my thoughts & prayers. You are a true inspiration...a beautiful heart of gold...and a soul full of spirit =] Thank you for being you & for being a friend to so many...Much love to you...
~ Jen xoxo



HIV/AIDS prevention education in jails and correctional facilities-San Francisco, California and the United States


HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers after speaking at Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles, California

Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States




Your ink is AMAZING! You are truly an inspiration, and I applaud all your energy and effort you have dedicated to such a worthy cause!

~ Steven
The world needs more people like you Bob. Your an inspiration to many and that includes me! Thank you!

~ Viola

Thank you Bob, but I think I am the blessed one to see such a wonderful person committed like you are and so positive and loving:) God's many blessing to you

~ Carolyn
The world needs more people like you Bob. You're an inspiration to many.

~ Daniel
I tripped over your website and found it inspiring and your tattoos cool as hell. Keep doing what you're doing man, you're making the world a better place."

~ John

Dude... your tattoos are amazing, and keep up the good work. i know too many people my age (20's) who are finding out that they have HIV because they didn't use a condom... Thank you for doing what your doing.



Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States



You are an inspiration to so many... Keep on keeping on!!!

~ John


Bob Bowers youth HIV/AIDS educator at Powers Elementary School in Powers, Oregon 3rd graders

Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers, aka One Tough Pirate, with Dab the AIDS Bear at Powers Elementary School in Powers, Oregon. Taken after their "show and tell" with some amazing 3rd grade students. GO, Wolfpack!
Thanks again for coming to our school and talking to us.
your a really great speaker and I told Mrs. Puls to have you come back because our time got cut short. So hopefully you come back to our school :)

~ Kayla


Youth HIV/AIDS education by Bob Bowers aka One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California-United States

Photos of AIDS survivor Bob Bowers-Youth HIV/AIDS educator and AIDS activist-San Francisco, California-United States



AIDS survivor-youth HIV/AIDS educator-Bob Bowers- Da Pirate-One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California YouTube videos



Da Pirate, my friend,,

Camp Heartlandnd, the ACT Rides, a rally in Texas, or an informational session in Los Angeles, you are amazing.  More than that, you are a beacon of hope that 20+ years is possible. Keep up the good work.

Yours in fight,,
~ David H.


Bob Bowers & grandson Kelson James   Couldn't be a happier grand-PIRATE alive! Welcome to the mighty voyage, Kelson!

AIDS activists, youth HIV/AIDS educators and long-term AIDS survivors-Bob Bowers-San Francisco, California-United States

AIDS Activist Bob Bowers a.k.a. Da Pirate


Youth HIV/AIDS educator, AIDS activist & long-term survivor Bob Bowers, One Tough Pirate, also known simply as " Da Pirate." Bob been living with and surviving HIV/AIDS for 31 years. Bob started as an HIV positive speaker with peer education programs in Los Angeles shortly after his diagnosis. To broaden his personal message of prevention through education, hope and awareness of the disease, Bob founded the nonprofit educational organization, HIVictorious, Inc. in 2005. One Tough Pirate Productions, Inc. addresses youth HIV/AIDS education and prevention and provides AIDS awareness and advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the United States through Bob's public speaking and its AIDS awareness poster contest, "What if it Were You?" Mr. Bowers is a leading and well respected AIDS advocate and leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As a long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS, and someone who has lost dozen of friends to AIDS, Bob is wholeheartedly committed to educating today's youth and young adults about the realities of HIV/AIDS, as well as living with AIDS long-term. Mr. Bowers is a champion for hope and survival despite some of the difficult circumstances that we ALL face in life.

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"Compassion is our cure." ® ~ Bob Bowers

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